Meditation – A Masterclass 


Through meditation, through awareness and wilful efforts, you can learn to keep your centres open. You do this by just relaxing and releasing. You do this by not buying into the concept that there is anything worth closing over. Remember, if you love life, nothing is worth closing over.” Michael Singer 


With tremendous joy I invite you to join me for this practical-theoretical class on Meditation. We will explore the practice of Metta meditation that is a beautiful support to other awareness practices. One recites specific words and phrases evoking a "boundless warm-hearted feeling." We begin with our self and gradually extend the wish for well-being happiness to all beings.


During this class I will share with you the lessons I have learnt as a student and as a teacher through my own practice. You will learn about meditation and after the class you will be confident to incorporate some of the techniques into your everyday life. 


Where: Corner Store Fremantle – 147 South Tce, Fremantle, WA

When: Sunday 9th of August from 4pm to 5:15pm 


This is a free or by donation community class.

To book your spot send me an email to as there are limited spots available. 







 16/2 Angwin Street 6158 East Fremantle


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