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What an amazing journey and push the 7 days detox was. Been trying to make a permanent change in my habits for years and years, tried 3 days detox, 7, the famous clean, just nutritionist, google dieta, Keto diet .. but it wasn’t until after the 3rd time I reached Flor and really engaged with her program, thanks to her words and confidence, her carisma that I knew I was now ready to take the step. The 7 days detox is full of beautiful receipts I have now applied in my everyday, my tommy omg is now flat!! After quoting flour 100% no sugars (well not 100% I’m not gonna lie, I met Flor in a chocolate shop 2 years ago in Byron Bay, Australia) Any way, fully recommend to hear you inner voice first and Flor second. Take the step, click your mind and amazing changes on humor, mood, physical and emotionals, everything will flow later. I am now super positive looking for the job of my dreams enjoying present with more clarity. Thank you Flo!!!

Estefania Hergesheimer


Empecé con Flor el camino de disminuir el consumo de harinas y azúcar. A pesar de ser un transitar difícil por el contexto en el que uno se pueda encontrar, no hubiera podido resultar sin la ayuda de Flor. Hoy puedo ir sintiendo que es lo que mi cuerpo prefiere como alimento y encima con las recetas exquisitas que me ha compartido imposible no querer comer estas delicias.
Se que cada día es intentar hacer un poquito más, desde complementar con meditaciones, respiraciones conscientes, yoga.
Gracias por ayudarme y estar pendiente de como va mi avance.

Chantelle Archdeacon


Thank you so much for the reading Flo. The messages you picked up for me were so relevant in my current situation and your words have really resonated with me. Will definitely come to you in future when I need answers

Taya Melling


I recieved a soul reading from Florencia and it resonated very deeply with my present situation. She was able to understand the situation and intertwine the card meanings whilst interpreting it so clearly. Her reading was such a reinforcement of what I had been feeling and thinking deep down. She was kind and thorough, making sure to address each card individually and then as a whole
Would definitely reccomend her services!!

Ally Stevens


I received a reading from Florencia and the reading was so accurate from start to finish, in fact it flowed from the question at hand, to the issue I was having, to the real background problem which was causing it in the first place, to the revealing end result. It was real soul work. Thank you so much!

Luis Albares


I loved the dynamic of the Detox program and Yoga classes. A Holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Flo is knowledge coach and yoga teacher who knows how to bring the best out of you. She doesn't disappoint.

Jimena Frau

Brisbane, Australia

I did the Detox Program and I highly recommend it. Flo's coaching, it's excellent! I felt very good doing it, it didn't seem impossible or very difficult, I felt light and with a lot of energy. The recipes in the plan were great and super easy to follow and prep, also having a vegetarian option was a highlight. The intermittent fasting protocol was a great addition and has been well explained. I liked the meditations that accompanied the plan very much, allowing me to connect more with what I was feeling within my body at that moment.

A plus were the tips that came with the plan, like recipes for snak or different Ayurvedic rituals.

Thank you Flo, for your guidance and for answering every question I had. You are a genius, thank you for sharing your wisdom and tools!



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